Well hello. It is nice to see you again.

July 31st, 2008 by admin

This might be the 75th time I’ve typed out a message stating that Audible is finally ready to emerge from our long, quiet hibernation and start making a delicate racket, but this time I mean it. Really. Our album is done. Honestly. Kris and Mary won’t let me touch it. They’ve hidden the hard drives. It is DONE. It has ten or so songs and it is being called “In Simple Intervals” which means something to me but I am not going to tell you what.

We recorded these songs at home in the smallest room I could find.

This is our new website for now. This bloggy format will make it easier for us to post stuff, such as pictures, music, and late night ramblings about low frequency oscillators.

Hopefully over the next few weeks we will know more about when and where this long suffering album will be released. It’s been so long since we put some music out, I am not even sure what “releasing” an album is anymore. Perhaps we’ll just scatter those ones and zeros into the air like confetti and see where they land. I can tell you that we’ll be putting up some tracks over the next few weeks because I am anxious to hear what people think of this thing.

Kris has dug her manager/booker hat out of a dusty closet attic and has started to set up some shows for the fall. We may be sleeping on your floor very soon.
Stay tuned. Rest in peace, CT.