Well hello. I guess we’ll make some more music.

July 15th, 2009 by admin

Hello friends…

It has been a strange and difficult and happy summer so far. We’ve been out of touch because there has been a lot going on in our personal lives. Won’t get into it all here, but Kris and Mike are now parents of a beautiful baby boy named Alex Owen Kennedy! He was born quite early, so he has to stay in the hospital until at least late August.

Which means that Audible has just a little bit more free time than expected this summer. To celebrate, we’re working on recording a new EP of 5 songs to follow up our recent full-length In Simple Intervals. It will be available this fall. More info to follow. We also are working on getting a proper website up so you can see/hear/purchase physical copies (does anyone use these anymore) of the albums, plus our sweet new shirts. If you want.

Also want to send a shout out to the Swedish “house” “music” “producer” who goes by the name Audible and has been clogging up our iTunes page recently with ten thousand remixes of his three songs. Hello!

Talk to you all soon. Thanks for listening.