Happy Labor Day

August 30th, 2008 by admin

Hello! This is Mary. I have to say the show the other night was so much fun. I had had about 4 hours of sleep that week so I was surprised it went OK. (I had been negotiating the sale of my home to a squirrel family who thought they’d just move right in. I declined the offer.)

I thought I’d post this cute picture of my keyboard which is waiting for Mike’s return. He is testing his strength on a week-long tour of bands. One band per night. He’s played a show with Bitter Bitter Weeks, the Future Tips, and two shows with Relay all this week. (Actually the 2nd show with Relay is tonight at JB’s.) He is crazy. But he loves it.

Anyway we are continuing to write songs so we have a slew of them soon after our new record comes out. We also have more shows coming up which we will post here soon. I hope you have a great Labor Day!!